Lose Weight Non-Surgically with Warm LED Technology

Warm LED is a revolutionary non-invasive solution that redefines the path to your ideal body shape. FDA-cleared and meticulously crafted, this innovative device harnesses the power of light to melt away unwanted fat, offering you quick results without the need for surgery or downtime.

Embark on your journey to a slimmer, more confident you with warm LED.

Fat Loss Through Lipolysis, A Natural Bodily Function

Warm LED utilizes the natural bodily function of lipolysis to deliver permanent fat loss. By activating this process, the device triggers the release of fat cell contents, which are primarily excreted in the patient’s waste as part of the body’s natural detoxification process.

A Safe and Noninvasive Solution

Unlike other methods, Warm LED operates at a cellular level without generating heat. It employs an extremely complex, cascading photochemical mechanism to achieve its remarkable results. The device is rated as Risk Group 1, which is the safest category of medical devices. It has been thoroughly tested and proven to be completely noninvasive, with no reported side effects or discomfort experienced by patients.

Discover the Benefits of Warm LED Technology

With Warm LED, you can:

  • Achieve immediate fat loss
  • Experience permanent results
  • Benefit from a natural detoxification process
  • Enjoy a safe and noninvasive procedure
  • Avoid any discomfort or side effects

Contact Colorado Laser & Vein today to schedule your warm LED consultation and take the first step toward your desired body shape.

A Few Words from Our Patients:

“I went to [another vein clinic] for a consultation but was not impressed, feeling more like cattle than human. I am very happy I chose Colorado Vein, Dr. Spiroospour’s clinic to address my varicose veins! He and the staff are very knowledgeable and kind. You can ask them anything and they will be straight with you. The treatment went smoothly using laser & injections. As long as you follow your instructions after treatment you will have success. So glad I chose them for my vein treatment!”

Barbara P.

“Dr. David Siroospour is by far the kindest provider I've ever had. He was very thoughtful throughout my process and made sure that I was comfortable and happy with the work that he was doing. His entire team is friendly and prompt in their responses.”

Shabana W.

“I absolutely love this place. The staff are so nice! Dr. Siroospour is very knowledgeable, friendly and has been doing this a long time. He knows what he's doing and will be honest with you about what is or isn't going to work. He suggested exactly what I needed and nothing more... He personally called to check on me and was very kind and professional. I've never received that level of care from any doctor.”

Danielle S.

“The Doctor and staff are absolutely great. The doctor is very knowledgable and explains everything in great detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone!! I had some deep lines in my brow line and when I would squint they would show very badly. I looked mad ALL the time. After getting Botox I am very pleased with my results! I’m no longer self conscious about those nasty lines!! Will continue to use this doctor!”

Shayna M.

“Dr. Siroospour is wonderful! He listens so well about all areas of concern and takes his time being very detailed in vein removals. My legs and hands look great!”

Christina G.

“Excellent treatment, and caring and professional staff. Dr. Siroospour is an exceptionally talented physician, with a an equally commendable bedside manner. I travel more than 300 miles to make my appointments. Worth it.”

Nancy S.
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